What is Forex Trading

Today the foreign exchange market has gained significant importance because this is the cornerstone of international financial markets, the exchange value of currencies of other countries with which international monetary flows will realize is plasma. The operations are carried out in this market define the economic growth of industries belonging to each nation, as well as regulates the… Read More »

Learning how to trade Forex

The foreign exchange market (Forex), its structure, is in constant change and movement, 24 hours a day. This is the main element that has an investor to take full advantage. To learn how to trade forex we have to take into account aspects such as experience, expertise, and skills to manage the securities business. ¿how to trade Forex? Is not… Read More »

Learning to trade: Free forex trading

The currency market is one of the strongest and projections of huge profits in an estimated timeframe. It is also accessible 24 hours a day and values tend to move quickly. This makes it quite striking the individual investor. However, it presents certain risks when you do not have enough experience in this type of market. Therefore, it… Read More »

6 Forex Trading Strategies for beginners

In the forex market, there are many movements, both positive and risky for an investor, and more if you are starting out in Forex trading. There is no single factor that determines success in this trade; mainly to get a great knowledge, based on experience, so that later on Forex trading strategies from becoming profitable. Currencies have stages… Read More »